The Gypsies Are Coming

Added attraction. Just announced, a concert Thursday March 3 by The Cleveland Orchestra as part of its Miami Residency. It’s billed as a family-friendly concert because it’s early (7:30 pm), lasts only an hour, prices are low (orchestra seats begin at $20), and the music is not too heavy.

Boléro With a Twist, as the concert at the Knight Concert Hall is called, includes the beloved Ravel Boléro, which will also be performed the next two nights, along with a weightier repertoire. We will have more to say about Boléro in another post that might not be as, er, family friendly.

The program includes Berlioz’s Roman Carnival Overture, Bizet’s Suite from Carmen, and Sarsate’s Gypsy Airs.  It’s high-energy, gypsy-tinged music. As with the next two nights, Giancarlo Guerrero will conduct, and Augustin Hadelich will be guest violinist.

As always, I’d like to know what visitors to our website think? Is this broad-appeal concert the best way to reach a family audience? The Cleveland Ochestra’s programs for its Miami Residency are found by some to be too full of overly familiar music, and this makes no attempt to be anything but. Still, what do you play at a family concert?

Let us know your thoughts.

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One Response to The Gypsies Are Coming

  1. Josh says:

    Do we program “chesnuts” because we think people want to hear them? Or do people demand them and therefore we program them?