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Is the Rest Silence?: Music In the Time Of the Crisis

Walking into the middle of a session for U of Miami Frost School of Music composition students guided by Sean Shepherd at a room in the Knight Hall is like entering a scene from an elegant and spare art movie. The room is modern. So is the music. Most of the characters are young and casually attired. Everyone is very intense and intent on playing and listening. With Cleveland Orchestra musicians interpreting the work with the same seriousness they play the masters, this was the first time these young composers heard their music precisely, sharply, as they wrote it. Which was enlightening, for … Continue reading

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Musical Mortar; What Makes a Great Orchestra

After a long hiatus, some very broad musings on The Cleveland Orchestra. Bruce Coppock, the new director of the Orchestra’s Miami Residency, calls the Orchestra “arguably the best orchestra in the country, one of the top in the world.” True, there are few American orchestras that could match, never mind surpass, the excellence of The Cleveland Orchestra. And, in the world, there are orchestras whose characteristics include differences in the interpretation of a piece, but The Cleveland Orchestra stands among the best. The question remains, what accounts for the excellence. I pondered this thought during the last Miami season, as I … Continue reading

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